Rain comes to make things shine


For the past week, and maybe even before that, like clockwork, after an entire morning of sun-dappled pavements and ever-so-slight breezes, rain arrives seemingly just to spread gloom. Merely to clog drains and slow down traffic. Bringing the metropolis to a standstill.


But the very next morning (notice the broken branch behind me), fingers of light smooth out any indiscretion. Those stranded the previous night so easily forgive, even to the extent of forgetting that the next afternoon will bring the same thing.

Do you think I am also talking about relationships?


That is why this time I have come prepared, wearing an open v-necked, kurta-like shirt in very light cotton — more open to receive the morning and its heat, tailed by traces of wind perhaps as penitence — while staying armed with a nylon jacket for the impending rain. Call it a lesson in opposites, ie seasonless dressing.

Can we, though, ever prepare for heartbreak?


When there are fewer layers between your skin and the weather, it is easier for your heart to flutter. (Or for you to get sick for that matter.) Best to always bring an extra sheet of synthetic fabric with thread that provides a protective net.

Shirt, Zara; jeans, Jil Sander; belt and jacket: both Izzue; sneakers, Generic Surplus

Photos by Patricia Suzara