Fernando Korpi, Made in Finland

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Fernando Korpi designs and manufactures high-quality clothing and other accessories in Finland. The starting point for design is that each individual Fernando Korpi product earns its own design value and expresses everyday lifestyle.

Fernando Korpi has launched his collection, Fall 2010, just last month. The designer bills his theme as A Modern Man:

My collection is based on the book "Gentleman- A timeless guide to fashion" by Roetzel Bernhard, which is an inclusive manual of a modern man's classic and timeless dressing in every situation. My collection deals with the 21st century young man's dressing, style, cuttings and materials, that make a man a confident walker on the big city streets. I want to encourage men to dress more stylish using a modern dress code etiquette.

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I have juxtaposed images from the Fall lookbook with pictures posted on the Fernando Korpi blog while the collection was still being completed. There's always something exciting about getting behind the scenes, especially for a debut collection.

Fernando Korpo 03

I like the plaid pattern of this wool jacket.

Fernando Korpo 04

This checkered shirt reminds me of local bandanas called tubaws.

Fernando Korpo 05

Here are close-ups of the multi-colored shirts.

Fernando Korpo 06

Fernando Korpo 07

A darker, finer pattern. The fabric is also different.

Fernando Korpo 08

Fernando Korpo 09

Fernando Korpo 20

Labels before they are sewn in.

Fernando Korpo 11

What amazes me most about this picture is the bag with chain handles. The pattern could have been quilted leather and then we all know what we'll have.

Fernando Korpo 12

These pajama-pattern sweater doubles are adorable. If there were a story to it, it would involve the grizzly bear raising its hands in surrender while the sheriff lassoes it, as a deer looks on trough the blazing campfire.

Fernando Korpo 13

Fernando Korpo 14

A bee farmer and a fireman.

Fernando Korpo 15

This set I also like. Notice the collar of the hood and how the string comes out.

Fernando Korpo 16

These pants have evolved like reverse penguins — dark in front and white at the back. Here also is Fernando Korpi's logo.

Fernando Korpo 17

And this, I think, is the best ensemble in the lookbook. The buttons, pockets, and stripes interact very well — in one clean stitch.

Fernando Korpo 18

How far can you go with these three-toned shoes? Will you travel the distance dancing?

Fernando Korpo 19

I hope things unwind well with Fernando Korpi, one collection after the other.

FERNANDO KORPI | Behind The Scenes from FERNANDO KORPI on Vimeo.

But before we think of the future, here's a behind-the scenes clip of their lookbook shoot.

Fernando Korpo 10