El Bosquejo turns two today

jackets 01

I have been reminding myself of the date since last month, but things always have a way of squeezing in. Like the jackets, cardigans, and sweaters in my untidy clothes rack, it may take more time for me than just a single blog post to take a look at the things that have transpired and changed on this page since the last blog anniversary. Surely the days have been more packed than my suffocating cabinet.

jackets 02

So now I'm thinking of dedicating a month (July 22-August 22) to celebrate. Beginning tomorrow with … guess what? (No, I'm not going to take my shirt off, though it has been suggested…) Aside from that, I am thinking of creating posts using different media and maybe, who knows, hold blog giveaways based on El Bosquejo trivia (Girls and boys, is there anything at all that you covet from my wardrobe? If not, let me hunt something for you…)

As of this moment, all I have are big hugs and thanks. Sorry for my half-heavy eyelids. Tomorrow, let's bring out the balloons!