Brooks England cycle bags

Brooks Soho leather shoulder bag 03

I don't think I know how to ride a bike. Yeah, you heard me right. Go ahead and laugh. Last time I tried it, I crashed on a parked car with two lovers smooching.

But no bother, city pedestrians like me (did I say inept?) can still savor the other pleasures of cycling.

Brooks Soho leather shoulder bag 01

Known for its beautifully handcrafted bike saddles, Brooks England also produces equally breathtaking cycle and motorcycle bags, my favorite of which is the Soho leather shoulder bag.

Brooks Soho leather shoulder bag 02

It is delightfully slim, and I love the combination of leather and fabric: urban and urbane.

Brooks Barbican leather shoulder bag 01

If the Soho is too small for your needs, the Barbican leather shoulder bag might just be our thing.

Brooks Barbican leather shoulder bag 02

Just as adjustable, it also possesses a leather shoulder support. I couldn't decide though what I like more: the rivets or the thin black strap securing the flaps.

Brooks Hampstead holdall 01

Even bigger is the Hampstead holdall, which simply looks like a harnessed paper bag.

Brooks Hampstead holdall 02

Neat, huh?

Brooks Hampstead holdall 03

Here it looks just like something you'd place your new bag in after its purchase. Again, it is ideas that make the world spin.