Benetton shoot at Industria, Washington Street

Industria 01

That's Jackie of Show Me Your Wardrobe, poring over her laptop. I love her outfit. She tells me she started as a stylist before going into photography. Mai, who you've already met shows me something as she bites into her pastry.

Industria 02

Fellow bloggers Maurizio of Mau Fashion, Chiara of The Blonde Salad, and Laia from Trendencias. (Both photos by Chris Saunders)

Industria 03

Love Mau's accessories. Even more the ones he was wearing the next day and the ring he got in New York.

Industria 04

Chiara is right, you now.

At Industria

Here's a snap she took of me. Think I was a wee bit overdressed, but what the hell.

Industria 05

Susie talking to the winners (Sarah, Tetyana, David, and Gisela). She asked them each to pose for her with their "funny faces".

Industria 06

Ben doing an interview. Black and white, nice and simple.

Industria 07

Winners ready for their close-up: Tetyana, Abdou, Lorenzo, and Gisela.

Industria 08

Kiko and Lorenzo agree on their earrings.

Industria 09

Soraya and Janelle.

Industria 10

The twins: Tereza and Patricia.

Industria 11

Scarves at the dressing room. I am eyeing the one with lots of the colors, to the right.

Industria 12

The inexhaustible Melanie, sharing a moment with Abdou while waiting for their turn at the shoot.

Industria 13

A shawl-collared sweater with four pockets.

Industria 14

The model list backstage.

Industria 15

One of several rows of shows. Notice the shearling and the leather-and-knit combination.

Industria 16

Took some time to chat with Elizabeth, with Sumit beside her.

Industria 17

Janelle with her bright red-orange nails.

Industria 18

One of the accessories tables.

Industria 19

This is how you accessorize your dreads, according to Kiko.

Industria 20

He echoes the color combination with his tangle of bracelets made of wood, rubber, fabric, and stones.

Industria 21

Abdou prefers to keep it simpler, contrasting his outfit with a single red band. The small white strands you see are for keeping his hair bundles tighter and smaller in width.

What a tiring day it must have been for the models! They continued their shoot the next day, Sunday. Together with some of the bloggers, the winners from Europe are now likewise stranded because of the volcanic ash mishap.

I feel so homesick for New York, that I wouldn't mind being stuck in the city. Thank you Benetton for such a wonderful experience! It was great being part of it and being to able to meet lots of fantastic people.

Till my next trip!