Baby it's warm outside


Not to mention mind-dullingly humid. As of this writing, my black roots are starting to emerge, giving my ash blonde crown a darker tinge. While I'm still getting the hang of wearing the right neutrals to go with my hair, I'm starting to get bored.


Haha, can't help missing my old brunette self. Though I don't think these frames will go as well with black. Nor will really bright hues. Next project: color blocking? (Is there anything more hackneyed?)

Tee, De Puta 69 (I'm not joking); jeans, Calvin Klein jeans; Liz Claiborne belt, Kickers sandals, and nylon tote: all thrifted; sunglasses, swag from Penshoppe

Photos by Patricia Suzara


P.S. Just posted my first 2011 blog entry for United Blogs of Benetton, written in Filipino.