A must-have for men: Flat Caps.

Men are difficult for me in terms of trends for 2 reasons:
1. Most of the fashion blogs (that I´ve found) made by men are too feminine or too risky. 
2. There are not as many fashionable men in photographs as women, so trends are not easy to grasp. 
In general, I´m not talking about my personal taste, I´m just talking about visual evidences of trends!!
So, most of my information comes from Tommy Ton, Swagger or masculine celebrities. 
Does anybody know about a fashion blog made by a men with this kind of style? I´d love to know.

Returning to the issue of this post, flat caps is one the few trend that I can demonstrate in men´s style. It used to be a little bit hick but now it has become very fashionable.
I think that everything can be fashionable if you know how to wear it :D

Today I´ve written too much, let´s see these men!!

The Sartorialist

Tommy Ton for GQ

Arthur Kulkov

Carolines Mode

Swagger by Tommy Ton for GQ

Tommy Ton for GQ

In Swagger 360