featured seller friday : handz

Hi there :)

This weeks featured seller is Jan from handz on etsy. His shop is filled with vintage inspired goodies - most notably some pretty sweet prints. I do believe one would look perfect in my apartment! 

Take a peek at my interview with Jan below, along with some of my favorite items from his shop handz.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

When I moved to my own flat and started to read some blogs about interior decorating I began a huge fan of mid century modern furniture and scandinavian design - this is my main source of inspiration.

When did you start designing?
Immediately after high school - I started work at a local agency.

You have some vintage Scandinavian items for sale in your shop, tell me about them...

Those are items I get for myself but actually have no space for them at home so I'm selling them, Im more of a collector that vintage trader, selling those precious item is always bit sad for me but it is nice when they could make someone else happy. 

1pc of Gustavsberg Stig Lindberg Bersa Egg Cup eames era danish modern

What has been your favorite thing about selling your designs?I'm very happy when I see that someone else likes my work!

Can we find you anywhere else? (blog, facebook, twitter, etc.)


Anything else you would like to share...I love pugs! :) 


I want to thank Jan for being a featured seller! Don't forget to check out his shop here

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!