Washington DC


- Fletcher for Lyell romper
- UO canvas skimmers
- vintage coach purse


From the looks of the photos it may seem that we had a chilly day to walk around the capital, but it was actually quite hot and sticky. A few rain showers interrupted our day but over all it was quite nice. Mostly I wanted to wear something that would be comfortable, keep me cool and dry out quickly in case we got rained on. This romper was good for all three!


The first part of the day we spent walking around Georgetown. We took a walk along the canal, visited the staircase from The Exorcist and did a little shopping. I had a UO gift card that was easily spent on a couple of dresses and a hat for Tom. Photos of those later! Luckily all of the rain came while we were shopping so it was easy to duck into a store whenever called for.


Speaking of ducks (har, har)... after tiring ourselves of shopping we headed over to the mall for some touristy action. We'd planned on going to the top of the Washington Monument but didn't end up with enough time so instead we looked on from afar. The reflecting pool was full of ducks and ducklings which was enough to entertain me for the rest of the afternoon. I caught this little guy showing off some of his super-cute-baby-duck-moves.

As for The National show, the whole reason we were there to begin with... it was amazing! I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. They played tons of songs (nearly the entire new album) and sounded great.

Oh, and thanks to everyone for the well wishes on my jury duty experience. I have good news! After hours of waiting in jury-duty-purgatory, the case I was called in for was settled at the last minute. Yay! That means I was dismissed for the week and can't be recalled for another three years. Whew!