See the sun burn through the fog...


photos by Tom b.

- vintage Lee shirt
- UO shorts
- 70s tooled leather bag
- thrifted belts
- H&M aviators
- Chuck Taylors
- listening to: Band of Horses - Infinite Arms "Compliments"


Flashback! I just found this post saved as a draft and realized I never published it on my blog. Oopsy! These photos are actually from our last trip to Alabama. Um... better late than never? I remember that it had been raining earlier in the day and when the sun came out it got super hot and humid. Just like the south should be I suppose. This is one of the few times Tom and I have been out taking photos and I got to turn the camera around on him for a change!

And speaking of Alabama, I just booked my flights for a solo trip in July. I'll be spending a week roaming around 'Bama and visiting my sister in Georgia. I'm super excited! There will surely be lots of thrifting and antique hunting, eating vegetables straight out of the garden and the possibility of a kayaking trip. And of course, lots of photos to share when I return.