Liking the Look of The Like


Hmm... at first I was a bit hesitant about reposting these photos of The Like because, well, I don't really like The Like. There's nothing wrong with their 60s style girl band tunes, it's just that I like my music a bit more dark and moody. But, there's no denying that these gals have style! And that's really what this post is about... not their music.

Reading the article that accompanied these photos made me a bit nostalgic for vintage shopping in LA! I used to frequent Ragg Mopp on Sunset (never found much there) and Squaresville in Los Feliz (loved that place). I also love that they're wearing that kind of eyeliner that always looks good in photos but when worn in real life makes you look like you just got punched in the eye. It makes me want to play around with make up in photos a bit more (or wear some, period).