June Wish List


I sat down to write out a wishlist for June and to be honest, came up with a pretty short list. Truth be told, there's really not too much out there that I'm pining after right now. My closet is stocked full of summery sundresses and I already found the perfect vintage sandals to pair with them. What else can a gal ask for?

I don't really need any more dresses but I suppose if one of the above suddenly fell into my lap, I wouldn't say no. The one on the left is from Anthropologie and the one on the right is by Ivana Helsinki from The Moon and Mars.

I think the biggest (and most unrealistic) thing on my wishlist right now is for my hair to hurry up and grow out already! I love this girl's hair! I think my hair will be a similar color once it all grows out. I've been dying it for so long I'm not really sure what my natural color will look like! I remember reading an interview with Cate Blanchet and someone asked her what her natural hair color is. She answered that she thinks she's vaguely blond but not really sure anymore. That's about how I feel.

I have to say I'm still not convinced 100% on the whole clogs thing. I know for sure I'll never wear those backless mule type clogs. You can mark my word on that! Ugh. But, these t-strap Hasbeens are beginning to grow on me a bit. I blame this photo of Kelley Hoffman. I'm not sure I'd wear them with summer dresses but I'd like to stash them away until fall when I can wear them with tights.

My beloved Canon SD1000 took its final swan dive yesterday. I was taking photos from the shop, got my feet tangled up in the tripod and over it went. Now the screen just glows a weird shade of grey and you can't adjust any of the settings. It served me well and makes me a bit sad to lose it! I've already ordered its replacement in the form of the Canon SD1300. The one thing I haven't found is a wireless camera remote that will work with the Canon SD series cameras. Anyone have one that they use a remote with?