Hershey Park

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On Monday Tom and I both took the day off to spend some time at Hershey Park. It was my first trip and I was super excited because I'd heard so many fun things about it. It did not disappoint! Mostly we walked around and people watched and rode a few rides; the ferris wheel, the swings, the old-timey cars. Tom doesn't really do roller coasters but he was a real trooper and rode the Comet with me. Like I said before, I'm a bit of a roller coaster junkie and Hershey Park has a ton of them, but I only rode the Comet and the Storm Chaser. Whoa... the Storm Chaser. Let's just say I had no idea what I was getting myself into with that one. It shoots you like a rocket from 0 to 72 mph in two seconds! Then up 18 stories, then straight back down. Then a loop and some barrel rolls. Then I thought I was going to pass out. Seriously, my hands were numb when I got off the ride!


After that, I was all roller-coastered out so we ate a nutritious lunch of cheese fries and funnel cakes and headed over to Chocolate World. It was all I expected it to be! It's mostly a super corny ride complete with creepy animatronic cows singing about the virtues of milk chocolate. Then they let you off into a huge gift shop filled to the brim with every sort of chocolate treat you can think of. On our way out, we were stopped by a guy that asked us a few strange questions and then told us we had been chosen to do a secret taste test of a new product! That pretty much made my day. We were escorted to a back room and given saltine crackers and water to eat to cleanse our palette. Then we had to eat a new kind of chocolate and give our feedback. It was really good!