He walked liked no man on earth...


photos by Tom b.

- UO floral dress (the one I bought in DC)
- vintage cardigan
- Target socks
- 30s oxfords
- vintage hat
- vintage Coach purse
- listening to: The Alarm - Standards "The Stand"


Wednesday was Tom's birthday and we had plans to go out to dinner to our favorite Mexican restaurant. We tend to gravitate towards little hole-in-the-wall family run places and happened upon this one last year when driving down towards Delaware. Seriously, the best guacamole I've ever tasted in my life! And the salsa bar... don't even get me started. Tom and I are both sort of salsa addicted so the place was pretty much perfect.

So... you can imagine our crushing disappointment when, after thinking about this guacamole all day long, only to arrive and find that the place had suddenly shut down! Argh. We were so hyped up on eating at this place, nothing else even sounded good. We took the extra time we ended up with to shoot a few photos for the blog. The absence of guacamole in my life is probably why I'm looking particularly dour in that first photo. I was not really a happy gal. All ended well as we called a friend who recommended another local Mexican joint. While not quite as good as our original destination, temporarily cured me of my salsa withdrawals.

I also want to take a moment to thank Naomi for including me in her RockStar Interviews series on her lovely blog!