The dawn to end all nights, that's all we hoped it was...


photos by Tom b.

- 90s polka dot dress
- vintage vest
- vintage Coach purse
- vintage Aigner oxfords (which you can't see in the photos)
- listening to: Broken Bells "The High Road"


I've just returned from a meeting that means some exciting things are in store for SJV in the upcoming weeks. I can't say too much yet (I hate being so vague, but mums the word, for now) but I know that you're all going to be very excited too! I'll tell you more as soon as I'm able.

In other news... well, there's not a whole lot of other news. I suppose I could blab on about the weather (it's really nice right now) or our weekend plans (going to see Thrice at the Chameleon) or what I'm watching on TV (old episodes of Twilight Zone) but what I really need to do is get to work on today's shop update. I've done a little closet cleaning and will be adding a few of my own vintage pieces to the shop in the next couple of weeks. Today it's one of the very first vintage dresses I ever bought! A little red 60s mini that I adore but doesn't quite fit me anymore. Wah! Someone find it a good new home! :)