Boot Craving

all the pretty birds, nasty gal

Sometimes I get a fashion craving that comes on quickly and unexpectedly. This week I suddenly realized that my wardrobe is missing a pair of perfectly beat-up brown ankle boots. I wanted to slip on a pair of boots with a floral dress and all my black ones made the outfit a little to grunge for my liking. A pair of brown boots seems to be the answer to all of my current wardrobe woes. I was hoping to find a pair at the thrift store but had no luck. Instead I found the perfect pair of little boy's plaid shorts that I want to wear rolled up with a simple white tank top and... brown boots!

I pretty much want to steal those boots right off of the Nasty Gal model's feet. They are the picture of what I have in mind. I get pretty picky when it comes to these cravings. The heels need to be not too fat and not too skinny. The toes need to be pointy but not too pointy. The color should be brown but not dark brown. Laces are good, as would be a little buckle at the ankle or some fringe on the toe. So far I've had no luck finding the perfect pair. Any size 7 suggestions?