Sweet Home Alabama


photos by Tom b.

- 90s floral rayon dress
- 70s leather & wood sandals
- 70s tooled leather bag
- AA floppy hat


We're finally back home from our trip and getting settled in. There's lots of unpacking and laundry and that sort of thing to do. I'll also be working on getting all of your Etsy packages wrapped up and shipped out today and tomorrow. It was an amazing week! Fun was had, for sure. There was also lots of relaxing, animal interactions, eating yummy food and exploring. I'm working on a big trip diary post for tomorrow with lots of photos and details.

As for what I was wearing, I knew it was going to be hot and I wanted to be comfy. Most days I was in beat up Levi cut-offs, a tank top and my loyal Chucks. Other than that, I packed pretty light. I took one hat, one purse and one pair of sandals to pair with lightweight sundresses. It made for a light suitcase and putting outfits together pretty easy.