The sun never shines, but that's alright...


photos by Tom b.

- Cucumber Sandwiches dress courtesy of Modcloth
- UO canvas wedges
- vintage hat
- vintage John Romain purse
- listening to Band of Horses - Infinite Arms (another new album to obsess over)


Despite my lyrical quote for the day, the sun finally did peek its head out from behind the rain clouds that have lingered over our city for the past couple of days. This weather, vacillating between spring and, I dunno, fall (?) has been making me a bit crazy. Hopefully spring is now here to stay. With the weather turning nice out, Tom and I are heading back into home-project-overdrive. We've both been elbow deep in paint cans all week long. Turns out we weren't happy with a couple of our initial paint color choices so we've been repainting walls, touching up trim and patching all the spots that were left behind by the great window replacing fiasco that's finally come to an end. We now have windows we can open! With screens! Ah, the little things in life. :)

Another project on our to-do list is repainting the outside of the house. Right now it's sort of a drab tan with black shutters and I want it to be a bit more cheerful looking. So, this afternoon we took a long walk around town to scope out the neighborhood for colors that we like. We've got it narrowed down to a couple of ideas that we're excited about.


Since we were finally able to make it out of the house after days of rain, I figured it was the perfect time to sport my new fave dress from Modcloth! I had my eye on this one since it made its debut on the site and was lucky the lovely ladies over at Modcloth were kind enough to let me give it a spin. I was counting on taking it on our trip down south. I thought it would be the perfect dress to wear while lurking around creepy old southern cemeteries and posing under trees draped with Spanish moss. But, I suppose it was not meant to be. The dress was delayed in the mail and our trip to the old cemeteries was deterred by thunderstorms.

So, instead the dress gets its debut on a lovely spring walk around Lancaster. That's all well and good, but with all the delays I'm sad to say the dress has already sold out on the Modcloth site! At least they have that nifty feature where you can sign up to be emailed when it comes back in stock. If you're tempted by it, I can wholeheartedly recommend the dress. Just be prepared to have some help getting laced into it! I finally managed but not before the cat tried to help by chasing the ties round and round.