Street Styles

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Sooo... I didn't want the blog to be a total snooze while I was away so here are a few street style photos that have been on my mind lately. Some are new, some are old but they're all inspiring me as the weather finally warms up. I always love seeing the festival photos as they come pouring in. Something about them is so carefree and comfortable.

P.S. I wrote the above note some time last week to post while I am away. I just wanted to pop in and say thanks so much for hanging around while the blog takes a bit of a break this week. Internet access here is limited but not non-existent. Hello dial-up!

I also wanted to say, remember that comment I made on my last post about the dream of walking into an abandoned house and finding a closet full of vintage clothes? That just happened! Well, it wasn't so much a closet full as it was a pile on the floor, but I'll take it. Photos to come!