I fall asleep in your branches...


photos by Tom b.

- vintage camisole
- 90s floral rayon shorts
- 70s wood & leather sandals
- vintage Coach purse
- vintage straw fedora
- listening to: The National - High Violet "Conversation 16" (we're going to see them in DC on June 6th!)


Today Tom and I decided to take a detour on our way home and check out a local county park. We intended to walk out to an overlook with a view of the Susquehanna River but I was woefully unprepared in my wedge sandals for any sort of real hike. Instead, we just wandered up the trail a little bit and vowed to make a return trip with more appropriate footwear and a picnic lunch.

It was a really lovely area, and unlike any I've seen thus far in PA. As much as I love the outdoors, we really haven't done much exploring since moving here. Putting that on my list of things to do! I seriously wish these were scratch and sniff pictures. There was jasmine and honeysuckle blooming all around us and it smelled amazing!


There was a lot of in yo' face nature stuff going on during this short walk. We ran into about a million spider webs (I don't mind most bugs, but spiders give me the heebie-jeebies). At one point we had to stop walking to give the right-of-way to a big black snake (I say it was three feet long, Tom says it was four). It was big! He (she?) just sort of stopped right in the middle of the path to chill for a bit. I got a bit tired of waiting for him to move on and finally had to prod it along with a stick. Hopefully on our next trip, we can make it all the way out to the river (and maybe have less spiders and snakes!).