Coming down with fire, to lift my spirit higher...


photos by Tom b.

- H&M dress

- leather & wood 70s sandals

- 70s tooled leather purse

- AA floppy hat

- listening to: Rainbow "Man on the Silver Mountain"


After a week of post-vacation recovery, we're finally back to li-ife, back to reality. Yesterday's reality was in the form of painting all of our new windows and trim. Today will be spent taking photos for the shop, listening to Rainbow, Dio and Black Sabbath (Ronnie James era), and watching the baby birds hop around in our backyard (two so far!).


These photos were taken just after the rain stopped on our first day in 'Bama. It was all hot and sticky and muggy and gave me my first reminder of what my hair looks like when the humidity kicks in. Speaking of hair, several of you asked about my trip-long-hair-washing-strike. The truth is, I didn't really plan it that way. I think I was just too lazy to wash it all week. Ha, ha. But really, the trick is using dry shampoo. Tom hears me in the bathroom all "shrrsss, shrrsss" (that's supposed to be the sounds of the aerosol can) and always comments about my "newly washed hair".

I've tried a few kinds and my favorite so far is T3. I buy it at Sephora and it's available online as well. Some of the first ones I tried were a little too old-lady smelling. I may like to dress like an old lady, but I don't want to smell like one! I use the Auburn one but it comes in all colors. Since it has a bit of color to it, you can use it for several days and it doesn't leave that white powdery look on your scalp. Trust me, not a good look. It also helps cover my roots in between dyes. Just be sure not to miss your hair and accidentally spray it on your forehead. It will leave a big brown splotch on your skin. Not that I would know that from experience or anything. ;)