Looking down on empty streets, all she can see are the dreams all made solid...


photos by Tom b.

- 60s eyelet lace camisole
- 40s plaid skirt
- thrifted Aigner oxfords
- vintage Coach purse
- Francisca Botelho escapulario necklace
- listening to: Peter Gabriel - So "Mercy Street"

Yesterday was such a beautiful morning, Tom and I stopped on the way to do some grocery shopping to take a few photos for the blog. There is a little stream that runs along this property and as we walked through the field we scared a blue heron into flight. I love them! I felt like I was watching a pterodactyl flying away. Speaking of Tom taking photos, if any of you have been following his blog, he's made the switch over to Tumblr and I think it's a much better place to display his photos. If you like abandonment photos, he just returned from an urban exploration trip to Detroit and came back with some truly stunning images of places that have been left to rot as the city slowly decays. You wouldn't believe the things left behind in these buildings! I sort of want to go back with a giant truck and just load it full.


And speaking of road trips, we have another one planned through the south at the beginning of May. Something about this warm spring weather has me itching to hit the road. We're planning on hitting up a couple of historic sites along the way and spend a few days chilling at my parent's cabin. One thing's for certain; we'll have plenty of photos to share along the way. Now I'm just counting down the days.