I'm here for adventure, whichever way it comes...


- striped 60s shirt dress
- brown 80s flats
- vintage John Romain purse
- thrifted braided belt
- Jakob Dylan - Women & Country "Nothing But the Whole Wide World"

You can tell I'm not longer accustomed to taking my own blog photos. Thus the sort of concerned/pissed-off look on my face in these snapshots. There were quite a few people out walking and enjoying the nice weather in the park, so I had quite a few curious onlookers wondering what the crazy girl with the tripod was doing running around taking photos of herself.

Spring seems to be coming and going right now, one day being nice and sunny and the next being rainy and dull. The rain is wreaking a bit of havoc on our home renovations but I think the light is at the end of the tunnel (did I say that last week too?).

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