dace Fall 2010

DACE Fall 2010 from Dace on Vimeo.

I know it's more than a bit contradictory to post a video featuring a fall collection when all I've been talking about is spring, spring, spring. But... I couldn't help myself. More than anything this little film from dace makes me want to escape to some place misty and romantic and just chill out for a few days (weeks?). It also really, really makes me wish my hair would hurry up and grow already! I'm ready to be rid of the fringe and have all-one-length-hair all the way past my shoulders. Knowing it's going to take years for that to happen is a bit much to think about.

But really I think this video is going to be a huge boost to get through the rest of the cold season here. The past few days have been more like summer than anything else but I hear it's going to get cold again before it gets warm for good. I don't mind too much since it will give me the chance to wear this amazing 70s sweater dress I picked up at the thrift store this morning before packing it away for the summer.