What I need is a kiss from you babe...

Abandoned House

photos by Tom b.

- 50s cotton blouse
- Fletcher for Lyell sweater dress worn as vest
- vintage skirt
- vintage wool beret
- thrifted t-strap heels
- 40s Gladstone style bag
- listening to: BOC - Spectres "Death Valley Nights"

Thank you so much for all of your well wishes and get better soons! I am finally feeling better after a couple of days of funk. It wasn't anything serious, just a cold with a fever but I'm not very good at being sick.

Tom snapped these photos the other day while we were out scouting locations for him to shoot for a Kodachrome project he's working on with the Lancaster Building Conservancy. We ran across this abandoned house unexpectedly. There was actually a for sale sign out front and the doors were open, so for once we didn't have to sneak in!