Pretty Pictures (instead of an outfit post)


Oh my gosh you guys, so sorry for the lame-o blog this week. I had a very legit outfit post all ready for today, but as sometimes happens, life gets in the way. It seems we have a problem with one of the gas lines leading into our house which the gas company has so kindly offered to fix. Did I metion that "fixing" includes jackhammering up the sidewalk in front of our house? And turning the gas off of course! So it's c-c-cold in here and my b-b-brain is sh-sh-shaking from all the jackhammering and I'm certainly not leaving the house for any outfit photos today. I probably won't even be changing out of my jammies and wool sweater!

So for now, here are some more pretty pictures to look at. I discovered this set of editorials via Knight Cat but I'm not sure what the original source is. If you know, tell me and I'll be happy to credit them. They're not very wintery at all so they're more for just admiring the pretty than drawing inspiration for outfits right now. As a matter of fact, it looks quite warm where they are. Maybe that's why I like them so much! I promise to be back with outfit photos and relevant blog posts soon! Thanks for hanging in there with me. :)