Creepy Ol' Attic

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- 30s wool jumper
- thrifted wool J. Crew cardigan
- AA tights
- boots courtesy of Modcloth
- vintage wool beret
- vintage silk scarf

Yet another abandoned house you're asking? Nope! It's my very own sorta creepy, maybe-sometimes haunted attic! With temperatures plummeting well below freezing I couldn't fathom stopping along my way to the post office to take outfit photos. M-m-must minimize time spent freezing outside! So instead, I hauled myself up the creaky stairs into the attic of house. It's a space perfect for storing all of our extras that haven't quite found a permanent place in the house but not exactly a room I hang out in, um, ever.

As for the haunting, I'm sorta half kidding. There have been some mystery wet spots that appear on the floor outside the attic door (do ghosts do that?) and the cats are always howling when they walk by it. Plus there's been a knocking noise (which I'm sure is caused by tree limbs hitting the roof, but it's more fun to imagine it has a supernatural origin!) and I swear I felt something tug my skirt when I walked by the door one day!