Winter Looks

I'm spending the afternoon taking photos for another shop update. Look for it later today! But until then, I thought we could take a look at a few of the shots that have made it into the "wear this!" folder on my computer. The weather has finally started its turn from fall into winter with gray skies and misty rain and colder temperatures. So, naturally I'm starting to think more in terms of layers and warmth. These are some of my favorite shots right now.


Looking at these grouped together like this, I suddenly realized three out of four have one thing in common - cardigans! Hmmm. This makes sense. I do love a good cardigan. The sunny yellow one seems just the thing to brighten up dreary winter days. The mossy green one paired with a cranberry velvet skirt on Frances Baker seems like the perfect holiday outfit (note: must find velvet skirt). And how many ways is this outfit on Sacaton June perfect? Too many to count. The best part is, she made the dress herself (another note: must get back on the sewing machine!). Last but not least (and sort of out of order) is this men's wear inspired look from Lulu Letty. This is the odd one out in this group but perhaps the one I'm most excited about. It's giving me all sorts of ideas about my new old riding jacket. Some times I get so stuck in dress and skirt mode I forget about all the lovely men's wear looks I could be sporting.