Things I'm Loving

photo credits: fish bear, hello mr fox, bloom grow love, yyellow bird, emerson merrick, ginny branch, helveticaneue, lina scheynius, bee hives

Things I'm loving right now:
  • Watching the WWII in HD series on the History Channel. It's like crack for history nerds.
  • Dry shampoo! Thanks so much for all of your recommendations. What would I do without you gals? I ended up buying Bastiste because, well, it was the first one I found at Sally's Beauty and it was cheap. Now that I know I like it maybe I'll try something different next time (or try a DIY home version?).
  • Listening to Simon & Garfunkel. For some reason that music just sounds like autumn to me.
  • The My Parents Were Awesome tumblr page. So funny. So good. So true.
  • Looking throught the archives of William Gedney's photography. Especially the San Francisco series. This deserves a post all its own.