Thanksgiving Weekend Randomness

I have a folder on my desktop named "blog ideas" where I throw every random thing I see that I think might someday make an interesting blog post. Some of these I blog about right away while others languish in that folder for weeks or months because I can't quite figure out how to flesh them out into an entire blog post. These days the folder seems to be bulging at the seams (metaphorically speaking) so I think it's time to do some purging. Here are a few things that have been lingering for much too long...


I discovered the Lonely Hearts line through Sacaton June's blog. While I'm not crazy about the styling in the lookbook (too tough and grungy for me) I do love the pieces as they were used in the Russh Aug/Sept '09 editorial. The details on that long dress remind me of the sort of art deco detailing you would find on a Lyell piece which is probably why I like it so much.


I think another reason I had a hard time putting together a post about this line is because while I found their site clever, it was a bit hard to navigate. I wanted to see some close up photos of their fall/winter '10 line but all I could come up with is this video. The video is beautiful and done quite well but I would love to see some still shots.

Lonely Hearts: What is Your Damage from Nik Riviera on Vimeo.


This lovely lady from Copenhagen Street Style may very well deserve a post of her own. She's definitely been added to my "wear this!" folder. Love the bike, the cardigan, the collar on the blouse, the patent leather shoes!


Wouldn't you love to run across a stash of these little dancing outfits in someone's estate sale? I can just hear them tap, tap, tapping away getting ready for the big show! Photo from Shorpy.


This article found via the Life Archives has been sitting in my folder for way too long! I searched high and low for the second page to the story to no avail. It sort of drives me crazy to cut it off at the end of the page without knowing what comes next but at the same time, the first page was just too good not to share. It's proof that the DIY movement is not a recent invention! These gals were figuring out ways to make their short 20s flapper dresses into more fashionable below-the-knee lengths.