Remembering you standing quiet in the rain...*


photos by Tom b.

dress: 50s cotton day dress
boots: UO
purse: vintage Coach
hat: vintage wool beret
listening to: The Cure - Disintegration "Pictures of You"

A quick thank you, thank you, thank you to all of your encouraging comments over the past couple of days. It's so uplifting to read all of your notes after a long day. Tom and I have been through two complete cross-country moves (with three cats in the car!) and neither have been as stressful as this moving seven blocks. We're still living amongst contractors and construction and boxes piled to the ceiling. I'll put it this way... the bath tub is still sitting in the living room. But, it's all coming together and we're loving every minute as much as it's making us a little bit crazy.

Here are a few photos from a week or so ago outside the abandoned silk mill down the road from us. I'm pointing out that these are old photos because there is no way I could pull an outfit together right now! I'm living in old sweatshirts and my painting overalls. Plus it's downright cold outside!