The Streets

Some street style shots from around the blogsphere:

Sometimes, going simple is also fashionable.

This rolled-up pants cuff trend seriously only looks good on a selected few. Love the quirky waiter-esque top (left) and the white shirt + pants combo gives a laid-back casualness to the overall look (right).   

A blazer is all you need. 

Blazer jackets should totally be a man's best friend. Goes with almost everything, immediately make you look smart and dressed for the occasion.

Denim on top.

Denim jackets are not exactly the most wearable piece in our crazy weather, opt for the vest instead. Reference the style of putting multiple badges on denim to personalise your look (left). Do NOT attempt going denim head-to-toe, unless you look as cute as him (right), otherwise you will 99% look like crap.

Colours + Prints.

Go colour & prints crazy! Only for those with a good eye for colour.

Strictly for the adventurous.

Heels (left) & skirt (right) for guys. The Japanese never fail to surprise with their unconventional style.