Random Things

Just as I'm starting to feel like myself again, the rain comes and makes the day grey and icky. I don't really mind too much though. It's a good excuse to stay inside and read a book under a quilt and drink hot chocolate (not that I'll be doing much of that). I still don't feel much like stepping in front of the camera quite yet and we're up to our ears in packing boxes around here so instead of the post I had planned (an outfit shot in our new house!) I'm going to share some of my favorite internet related things that have gotten me through the past few days...


Anja's scans from Fudge Magazine. At first I thought, I've got to get my hands on a copy of that magazine! Then I realized I wouldn't be able to read it anyway. ;) These are so much better than any American magazine I've seen by far. They're really making me not mind the grey day we're having.


Searching Flickr for old photos. There seems to be a never ending wealth of photos on that site. I swear everytime I start a new search I find something I've never seen before.


Obsessing over the book jacket designs of Alvin Lustig (discovered via 13bees). Wouldn't you love to have a collection of these? Somehow I feel like I'd get around to reading more Fitzgerald and Baudelaire if the covers looked like these.