I'm Still Here!

Thank you so much for all of your kind words and well wishes after my last post. Yes, I'm finally feeling better and no, not to worry, it wasn't swine flu or anything that horrific. Taking a couple of days off from life has put me farther behind that I'd like to admit. So much for a quick recovery! A shop update and photos of the house are still to come. I promise!


It seems like I've pulled my head out of the sand just in time for the start of New York Fashion Week. Honestly, who could be thinking about spring when it's just beginning to feel like fall?! I can't imagine I'll be able to muster much interest in the collections right now. I'm much more curious to see what people are wearing to the shows since they're likely to be sporting looks appropriate for the early fall New York weather. Here are a few looks from the Rachel Comey show. Looks like chambray is going to be just as popular for fall as it was for spring! :)

rachel-comey-street-style-blake-english-sm[1] (2)