Blazers & Layers

Vanessa Jackman - Duncan Campbell

The pairing of a well-fitted blazer with jeans is such an effortless way to style your overall look. Check out how the purple socks 'peeping' from under his jeans matches his striped shirt 'peeping' out from his vest.

Vanessa Jackman - Luca Rubinacci

Wearing multiple colours in one outfit and making sure it goes well together is no easy task. I'm actually rather sure many (guys in Singapore at least) would not think of pairing purple with green, although this set of colours are one of the lesser known colour combinations that go really well together. The coloured stripes in the jacket also matches the purple and green perfectly.

Stockholm Street Style

I have been into this whole layering concept for awhile now and is still embracing it very much. This outfit I like particularly coz of the layering involved in the whole look. Likewise for the two other looks above. Even though there are different lengths of layers involved here, the colours and minimal accessorizing helped to bring the whole look together instead of making it potentially awkward looking.

(Photo 1: Duncan Campbell, Photo 2: Luca Rubinacci)