About a year ago I purchased these shoes online. I don't usually wear heels but I fell in love with these and thought they looked sturdy enough for my klutzy feet. I had my eye on the black ones but when they sold out in my size I order this cream colored pair instead. They're a perfect fit and, for heels, are really quite comfortable. I think I could actually walk in these. The problem is I just never wear this color shoe. I see girls with dark tights and light colored shoes on style sites all the time and always love how it looks but somehow it just doesn't work for me. I always feel like my feet are really conspicuous. I know that I would get more use out of them if they were black or, on the second thought, a nice chocolaty brown. I don't think dying leather is something I should try to DIY. It seems like a really daunting task. Has anyone had any experience in having shoes dyed? Either DIY or professionally? I'd love to know if it actually works before I jump in. Thanks!