What I'm Wearing


blouse: H&M
sweater: H&M
skirt: vintage (altered by me)
tights: AA
shoes: vintage
hat: vintage

From time to time I get tagged with one of those "me-me's" where you're supposed to make a list about yourself. I almost never get around to them (sorry!) because as much as I like a good t0-do list, I'm terrible at making lists about myself. I have three lists started that I never finished! So... rather than let them sit unseen on my computer, I figured I'd share what I came up with so far.

Things I Like:

  • Rummaging around in thrift stores. I can, and do, spend hours at a time picking through each and every pieces of clothing and knick-knack in thrift stores. Often people ask to go thrifting with me and I warn them that it could take hours. I don’t think they really believe me and they usually get bored about 30 minutes into the whole deal.
  • Being by myself. This sort of relates to #1. I find it meditative to be by myself at the thrift store, digging through racks of clothes. But I also like to do things like take long walks by myself, going out to eat by myself and going to the movies by myself. I once went to see 28 Days Later by myself and ending up being the only person in the theater. Super creepy! I don’t do this much anymore since I really enjoy the company of my boyfriend. I suppose it’s quite different choosing to be alone than being alone because you have no choice.
  • This is a brand new addition to the list. Wii Fitness! We visited friends last weekend that have it and I was instantly hooked. Can I just say that I’m awesome at Wii Hoola Hoop? Thank you, thank you. One of my prouder accomplishments. Although I have to admit I was a bit bummed that my Wii age ended up being 11 years older than my real age. Guess I have some work to do!

Things I Don't Like:

  • Elevators. I think it’s mainly the closed in space that I don’t like. Whenever I step into an elevator I instantly feel like everyone is breathing my air. I’ll usually opt to take the stairs whenever possible although I have gotten used to riding the elevator in the building where I live (I think that’s because I’m usually the only person in it).
  • Other people doing my laundry. I’m super particular about my clothes (no surprise there, right?) and I don’t like for anyone else to do my laundry. Certain things don’t go in the dryer or need to be dried flat or need to hang to dry. Some people stuff too many things in the washer at once and it makes me crazy. I’d just rather do it myself. Even though we have a washer and dryer in our apartment, my boyfriend and I always do our laundry separately.
  • Sushi. I really, really wish I liked sushi (the vegetarian kind at least). It’s just so cute and bite sized! I love to look at all the little rolls lined up and the sushi dishes are always so adorable. Even back when I still ate fish I tried eating it many times thinking this will be the time that I love it. Nope! Not even a little bit.

Odd Things About Me:

  • I read magazine backwards, that is from back to front. For some reason I always start at the last page and flip to the front. I even find myself reading the last paragraph of an article and then skimming to the beginning. It’s a terrible habit. Some sort of compulsion that I can’t seem to shake. I’ll even do it to books if I’m not careful. Sometimes I have to paperclip the last few pages of a book together to keep myself from spoiling the end by peeking before I’m done reading.
  • I always have to put on my left shoe and sock first. If I accidentally put the right one on first without thinking, I have to take it off and start again. If not, I’ll feel strangely crooked all day. I’ve noticed that this practice is spreading to things like gloves, earrings and anything else that comes in pairs.
  • I don’t know if this really counts as being odd, but being from the South I have several expressions I use on a regular basis that frequently garner strange looks. For instance, I call shopping carts “buggies” and winter caps “toboggans” (or just "boggans" for short). I call fingernail clippers “snips” and often say things like “fixin’ to” and “might could”. And when someone’s taking my photo I’ll say I’m “getting my picture made”.