Vintage Finds


Ninety-nine percent of my recent purchases have been things that I'm putting up for sale in the store. Only a few pieces have snuck (sneaked?) their way into my closet. Among them are this little olive green jacket that I found in the children's section of a thrift store. I've already decorated it with my grandmother's brooch and it's been the perfect cover up for these ever-cooling fall days. I found this early 60's plaid dress in an unexpected place - an antique store. Sometimes the best part of vintage clothes are the funny tags sewn in the collars. This one says "guaranteed to bleed". I'll be sure to keep that in mind. ;) Both pairs of shoes I picked up in Alabama. The ones in the back are Marc Jacobs that I scored for just two bucks! Oh, how I miss those Bama thrift stores. By the way, does anybody spy a kitty tail? The whole photo shoot was being supervised. Last but not least I found this vintage pre-teen (that's what the tag says!) dress at a local vintage shop. It's the prettiest shade of emerald green velvet. The eccentric man that runs the shop warned me that the least bit of liquid that touches the velvet will ruin the nap forever. Yikes! I'll have to check the weather before I put it on.