This Week's Auctions

Here's a little peek at this week's auctions. All of these pieces will be posting in the store on Thursday afternoon. There are so many good pieces this week, I can't help but point out a few of my favorites. The little black dress with the Peter Pan collar and bow tie would be staying in my closet if it fit me - it's just a wee bit big :( The red and black tiger face sweater has been in my closet since the end of last winter. I just wasn't ready to sell it! But now I'm sure it will find a good new home. That motorcycle jacket is right out of my high school dreams! And the little grey dress on the last row reminds me so much of something Leanne would have made on Project Runway. And the collar on that trench coat is perrrrfect! Ok, Ok. I'll stop now. It's a wonder some of this didn't end up in my closet. Thanks so much for stoppin' by!