Shrug-off: Z Zegna vs Prada

Imposing shoulders and large coats make these men from Z Zegna's Fall 2009 show look like detectives or sentries from a few decades hence.

Just look at that belt - seems good enough to fasten a convict to his final seat.

The hats are a nostalgic touch, given all the futuristic fabric.

These coats from Prada's Fall 2009 collection don't seem to come from a happier place.

Could they be the era's bank barons who just experienced the world's next financial meltdown?

Even the shirts are all somber. These two look like gravediggers.

While these next four look like crestfallen surgeons.

Couldn't save the doomed economy?

The shoulders are less pronounced for these bullet-ridden but unscathed prophets. The future's priests or poets?

This post is part of a set in reply to a query by Nihaal Faizal from India on the topic of his sketches and on science fiction