Leather articles by an artisan

Got this messenger and notebook from 798 or Dashanzi Art District in Beijing. We stopped by one of the streets and approached what we thought were sellers of vintage items displaying their goods. The man I bought these from even showed me the paper he uses for the notebook.

I like the feel of the leather, which I think is suede. Whenever I'm about to write something, just touching the grain encourages me to put down what I feel. I initially had apprehensions about the engraved design, but it reminds me of haikus.

I like the way the flap of the leather bag was cut so nonchalantly. The bag can also be used as a portfolio once the strap is detatched.

What I like most about the two items is that they feel personal. Because the maker put much care in making them - putting the little details and not scrimping on material - I get the feeling that they were somehow made for me, and that they'll stay with me for quite some time.