May thrifting spree, part I


This is what happens after months of deprivation. Well, only half of it, or one-fourth (one-fifth?), since there are more thrifted items I want to show you, besides the new things, which I all bought before May turned into June.


Item #1: knit shirt with "stripes". The buttonholes are thin as threads. Still don't know what it is about knits; I always get attracted to them: big or small weave.


Item #2: adjustable wool vest with lining. I like the detail.


Item #3: suede vest. I've been looking for one for a long time now. As with many things, once you forget about them, that's when they appear. It's a great fit.


Item #4: wool v-neck sweater with crest. Got this for the volume and collar.


Item #5: leatherette bag. Have always been drawn to this color. I think this was dyed well enough to be mistaken for the real thing (until of course you see the marks of use).


Reinforced handles for carrying loads of stuff, which I always do.


Another surprise: it has a key! Before I forget, there is also Item #6: a black satin-y cap, which looked new, probably never used. There were three available, so I got them all. Then at the rightmost of the first image is Item #7: wool trousers that fit very well, even better than those I got from Muji just two weeks before.

Part II: neck ties
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