A Boy Named Charles

Face Hunter 2

The necklace is total fabness. I think I've never actually seen a guy wearing such necklaces here before? Most guys will probably deem it too girly or fanciful and anyway, not many can carry it off.

I first saw a photo of this guy in either Jak & Jil or bryanboy and thought he was a girl. Here, he looks very much like a boy of course. If I'm not wrong, he is called Charles Guislain, age is speculated to be about 15-16, a newbie to the fashion scene although he must have some sort of amazing connections with the bigwigs in fashion since he was spotted at all the big shows in Paris couple months back. I think he's probably French from the accent but his spoken English is rather good. So far, all the images I've seen of him, he's always dressed in all-black ensemble but looking chic all the time. And I would assume he's one hell of a rich kid, he owns more than ONE piece of Margiela at 16! Like what?!