Orla Kiely


Whenever I know I don’t have an extra penny to spend on fun things like clothes and shoes, sometimes it’s just better to stay away from the internet. There are too many tempting things to lay my eyes upon. So, to be on the safe side, I’m just looking at lovely things that are so very out of my price range I know I can’t actually be tempted. Torturous, right? Take, for instance, Orla Kiely. I adore her mid century modern-esque prints and playful color palette. All of the looks are styled to perfection with thick tights and platform sandals. And that luggage?! Yes, please. I’ll take two. And how much easier would it be to pick your pretty luggage out from all the boring black bags when you’re standing at baggage claim? I suggest you go to their home page and watch their little slide show of images. Each new photo made me squeal with delight – both the clothes and the photography.

Looking at these reminds me that I’m lucky enough to own one Orla Kiely dress. I got it from Anthropologie a couple of years ago on super-duper sale. I had a fancy-schmancy fashiony event to go to when I was living in LA and wanted a cute new dress to wear. I got a couple of compliments on the dress and one girl even asked where I bought it. When I answered Anthropologie she gave me a snobby little laugh, turned up her nose and walked away. Ha! So very LA!